Oar Health Member Stories: Quitting Alcohol

David Kopp


Feb 13, 2024

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The stories of Oar Health members are as varied as each of us. While many Oar Health members have a goal to moderate drinking, these stories focus on quitting alcohol entirely to live a sober life.

Life is much better

I have been a heavy user of alcohol for about 10 years and a regular drinker since college (now age 60). I tried over the past two years to cut back and constantly was deceiving myself that I was having an effect. My weight crept up over these years to a point, I felt self-conscious. Alcohol was affecting my life in all aspects. I could not go anywhere if there was not alcohol there. I was losing so much time being hungover and staying in bed late. I heard about naltrexone and Oar via my alcoholic sister (worked for her).

Being a pharmaceutical scientist, I read extensively about the pharmacology before trying it. For me, change was not instant, and it took about five to six months before I decided I did not like drinking anymore. In the meantime, my thoughts about alcohol were changing. It was becoming less important and I lost the paranoia that alcohol might not be available. After eight months, I really don't care to drink anymore (my goal). And I have lost so much weight. Yes, in my case real impact was not instant, but the literature shows it can take a year with some people. I recommend it to anyone battling alcohol.

– Oar Health member KK

Less cravings, more peace

I've been taking medication from Oar for about 100 days, and I can say my cravings have been reduced quite a bit. And, even when I have a craving, I find it much easier to not pick up a drink than previously. I'm much calmer when I think of drinking and have a more rational mind when I consider what drinking would due to my life and relationships. Oar is not a cure-all, but it's a great tool in my sobriety toolkit, and one I plan to use long-term.

– Oar Health member TJ

Living my best life

Since I started with Oar my life has done a 180! I’m back to a better life than ever before! I can now do things I enjoy again, like hiking, reading, spending time with my family and friends as well as my pups! I used to drink every day. Since I started using naltrexone I haven’t had a drop, and the desire isn’t even there! I know the best is yet to come as the days go on, living in love and not shame, living in clarity, not darkness and despair! I love it!

– Oar Health member JJ

Naltrexone helped me stop drinking once and for all

I became an 18 hour-a-day drinker. Since naltrexone, I haven't had a single drink. That was [eight months ago] on December 22…. I continue to take the medicine. Drinking isn't even a consideration anymore.

– Oar Health member CR

97 days sober

I am currently 97 days sober. I never had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, which is not to say that I was not a drinker. I enjoyed my drinks on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, but I kept it to that. I did find myself looking forward to those days. Those signs should have been the first warning signs. I traveled heavily for work, plane travel nationally and internationally every week so I could not risk a hangover.

Then, the pandemic hit. My work became the same as many, working from home. The nights that I was drinking started to increase. The 7 pm hours started to grow earlier and earlier into the day until I was drinking everyday, starting early afternoon. I knew it had become out of control.

I researched Oar and began taking the medication. At first, the drinking did not curb. But a few weeks into the treatment I began to drink less. Then I made the decision that this is not the life I wanted. I quit my job, began an outpatient treatment online and took medication from Oar everyday. I haven't touched a drink in 97 days, and I have no intention to ever touch one again. I have my year supply of medication and it supports me.

– Oar Health member AG

I Feel Unhitched!

I am fairly new to Oar and using naltrexone. I heard the ad on the radio and it resonated with me. I was desperate to get control of my drinking. My relationship with myself and those important to me (kiddos, partner...) were suffering. I was noticing adverse health effects as well. Before incorporating naltrexone into my daily routine, I was consumed with thoughts of when I would have my next opportunity to drink. Often, this would be my first thought of the day! I had to gain control. I've worked an AA program and achieved a year of sobriety with sheer willpower.

However, the DRAW of drinking kept at me and remained in the background. I relapsed. Since incorporating naltrexone into my daily routine, I feel... 'unhitched' from this draw. I have a high sense of clarity. I feel free of the cravings and thoughts of 'where/when my next drink opportunity' will come from. This has enabled me to 'reset my mindset.' Taking naltrexone is not an 'end all.' Counseling, my AA Program, being honest with myself, support from family, and my desire to lead a healthy and clear-minded life, coupled with this medication are important components to finally achieving a cemented sobriety. I appreciate Oar's all-encompassing approach. From support to providing educational information, Oar is all about my success! 

– Oar Health member JO

Break through cravings for alcohol

Since I started Oar, I felt the sense of community and support right away, which made me feel comfortable trying naltrexone. Once I started naltrexone, I had an increase in positivity in my mood, I was just “happy” and I felt like any other human should feel who doesn’t have an addiction weighing them down. I have completely stopped using alcohol and only take half a pill still. I had no negative side effects and enjoy taking this low dose pill everyday. I no longer have cravings for alcohol that I can’t work through. It’s amazing and my quality of life has increased tenfold! 😁

– Oar Health member KB

Where was Oar 20 years ago?!

I quit drinking, again, nearly two weeks before starting naltrexone. I had prayed for a magic pill for decades but I knew I had to find the strength and determination to quit on my own first. I counted the days until my Oar package arrived and couldn't wait to get started. Being sober a few weeks already, I knew if there were side effects, they likely would not be withdrawal related and would pass with time. From day one, I had zero side effects and noticed markedly fewer and shorter periods of cravings. Now, two weeks into naltrexone, I feel stronger everyday. I very much appreciated the supportive emails Oar sends out as well, and the online social media support. While naltrexone is not an end all, "magic" pill - you still have to do the work - it has helped tremendously and I will continue to take it for the rest of my life if need be. I just wish I had discovered it, and Oar, 20 years ago! 

– Oar Health member JW

Good-bye Alcohol

It all started with one drink occasionally to drinking all day, everyday. For about 12 years I have battled alcoholism. From totaled cars to blackouts and waking up not remembering the night before or even the whole day, I was in a bad place with alcohol pretending to be my best friend. I didn’t want to feel hurt or feel the emotions I had set aside hoping they would disappear on their own. Of course, alcohol only buried them temporarily.

Last year I decided I had enough of the yo-yo life. I did some research on ways to stop drinking and found Oar. It has been a gift from heaven for me. Since my very first prescription last February, I have only lapsed one time for a few months. I had gained back 30 pounds from drinking daily and my health was taking a nose dive. This time, from December till now, I have religiously taken my pill every morning and I tell myself I’ve come too far to start back to day one. It has been almost 200 days since my last drink. I feel better about myself and health issues went away. For the most part, I lost any extra weight I had leftover.

For anyone wanting to stop or cut back on alcohol intake, I strongly recommend Oar and naltrexone. It’s a daily battle I fight hard some days. Other days I do not even think of alcohol. There is a brighter side to life. It’s beautiful everyday. Be kind. You never know what the other person is going through.

– Oar Health member SB

Freedom from insanity

I have been an alcoholic for 18 years. My alcoholism reached a stage where I started abusing people close to me and spent some time in jail. I tried to quit many times, but the cravings and thinking about alcohol all day never subsided. I went to many rehabs and tried antabuse and other natural remedies. I even went to India to try alternate therapies. But none of them worked. Praying and believing in a higher power also did not work for me. Recently, I reached a low point in my life where I almost died from alcohol. Although I tried a few naltrexone pills in the past, I did not really believe that naltrexone worked. Finally, I decided to take naltrexone on a daily basis, and after a week on naltrexone a miracle happened in my life and all my cravings and the insanity of thinking about alcohol subsided. As of 8-14-2023, I am sober for two months. With naltrexone, I am free from the daily thinking of alcohol and my life is 100% better than before. My relationship with my wife and daughter improved enormously and they are happy to see me sober. I have decided to continue taking Naltrexone for the next several months, and beyond that if necessary. I strongly suggest anyone with alcoholism try naltrexone because it works. I am an example. 

– Oar Health member SC

Naltrexone Safety Blanket

I've been prescribed naltrexone through web doctors in the past after requesting it, but I had to meet with the doctor every month to get a refill. It felt really impersonal and truly, I stopped using it because of that inconvenience (and I didn't want to talk about it every month, as I see it as an ongoing part of my life for now). Oar made it so easy to get all the naltrexone I need for a year at once, and I've taken it every day since starting, knowing I always have backups. I feel so much healthier and so excited for my relationship with alcohol to continue improving. It's only been an improvement so far, and I owe a lot of it to Oar.

– Oar Health member EU

Changing my relationship with alcohol

I have not had a single drink [for four months] since March 2023 and I don't forsee myself ever going back. Oar has helped me change my relationship with alcohol and has helped curb my cravings when they come up. It wasn't easy, but Oar definitely helped my journey so far.

– Oar Health member TR

I Chose My Health

I went to my first AA meeting at age 16. At age 57, facing increasing medical problems due to alcohol, I chose to prioritize my health over my enjoyment of drinking alcohol. I didn’t think it would be easy. I wasn’t sure I wanted to make this choice. But now I’m really glad I did and I’m glad I had help. I’m just starting this new period in my life but it was my time to make a change.

– Oar Health member SS

Saving a lot of money

I stopped drinking the same day I started treatment. It is incredible how it totally takes away the desire to drink. No more triggers!!! It’s fantastic. I have been social drinking for 30 years and stopped with the first treatment. I recommend this to anyone serious about quitting drinking. I wish they had a pill to do the same thing for people that smoke.

– Oar Health member RO

Just in time

I was nose diving into a year long downward spiral. I wanted to stop drinking so bad, but couldn’t. I would drink day and night. I was on the verge of losing everything. I was prescribed naltrexone, and it arrived very quickly… just in time! I am one week alcohol free for the first time in a year. I am starting to regain control. I feel like it was just in time to save my life.

– Oar Health member KA

Note: the member stories above have been edited for punctuation, grammar, spelling and length. Each story is in the words of the Oar Member who wrote it and is not intended to be medical advice. At Oar Health, we are committed to a philosophy that your journey to sobriety is unique, so please consult an Oar Health clinician or your own doctor, about your specific situation.

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