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About Oar

What is Oar?

Who is Oar for?

Can Oar still impact my drinking if I don’t have "full-blown alcoholism"?

How does Oar work?

What medication does Oar provide access to?

Can I use any pharmacy?

How does Oar protect my privacy?

Why is Oar only available in certain states?

Where is Oar available?

Pricing & Services

Is Oar covered by insurance?

Can I use my Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account to pay for Oar?

When am I charged for the medication?

Will I still be charged periodically if I am not prescribed medication?

Is delivery free?

How quickly will it take my medication to ship?

Where does the medication come from?


Where can I read more about the science behind Oar?

Telehealth & Care

Who are the medical providers on Oar?

Does Oar replace my primary care physician?

Will I have to connect with my provider via video chat or complete an in-person visit to use Oar?

I have an emergency. What do I do?

Why do you request a picture of my ID, along with an additional picture?

How quickly will it take my provider to provide me with a treatment plan?

Have additional questions?

Reach out to the Oar team at support@oarrx.com

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