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About Oar

What is Oar Health?

Who is Oar Health for?

Can Oar Health help even if I'm not an "alcoholic?"

How does Oar Health work?

What medication does Oar Health provide access to?

Can I use any pharmacy?

What is Oar Health's privacy policy?

Why is Oar Health only available in certain states?

Where is Oar available?

Pricing & Services

Is Oar Health covered by insurance?

Can I use my Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account to pay for Oar?

When am I charged for the medication?

Will I still be charged periodically if I am not prescribed medication?

Is delivery free?

How quickly will it take my medication to ship?

Where does the medication come from?


Where can I read more about the science behind Oar?

Telehealth & Care

Who are the medical providers on Oar?

Does Oar replace my primary care physician?

Will I have to connect with my provider via video chat or complete an in-person visit to use Oar?

I have an emergency. What do I do?

Why do you request a picture of my ID along with an additional picture?

How quickly will it take my provider to provide me with a treatment plan?

Have additional questions?

Reach out to the Oar team at support@oarrx.com

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