Drink less. Live more.

At Oar, we know firsthand that fewer drinks can open up a world of new possibilities. That's why, working alongside leading addiction specialists, we've developed an app to help you moderate or abstain from drinking.

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Evidence-based tools in the palm of your hand

  • Track and celebrate your progress with daily check-ins
  • Listen to convenient audio excercises on the go
  • Get guidance from experts in alcohol use treatment
  • Learn evidence-based strategies to meet your goals

At your own pace...

  • Get the latest scientific and medical information
  • Explore your motivation and record your progress
  • Take practical steps toward meaningful changes

Learn from the experts

We work with the best. Our app was developed by leading experts in addiction medicine for the best possible results.

Backed by science

Using the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing, our app uses evidence-based methods to support you in your journey.

Support that meets you where you are

Whether your goal is total abstinence or moderation, our app can help you set and reach goals that are unique to you. You'll do so in a private, confidential app that you can access anywhere, at any time.

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