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Safe, effective medication and convenient care for people who want to drink less or quit.

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Naltrexone: medication to help you drink less or quit, prescribed online

Starting at $39/month

FDA-approved medication used to treat Alcohol Use Disorder. By reducing cravings and pleasure from drinking, naltrexone can make it easier to moderate drinking or abstain from alcohol altogether. Complete an online assessment, and a licensed clinician will evalaute if medication is right for you.

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Convenient care from a trained clinician

Unlimited access to a clinician

  • Connect with a US-based clinician licensed in your state
  • Message them with questions any time
  • Assess results, adjust your dose, or work out side effects
  • Request counseling or mutual support group recommendations
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Evidence-based tools in the palm of your hand

Treatment app included

  • Track and celebrate your progress with daily check-ins
  • Listen to convenient audio excercises on the go
  • Get guidance from experts in alcohol use treatment
  • Learn evidence-based strategies to meet your goals
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How it works

Your relationship with alcohol is unique. Whether your challenges are mild, moderate, or severe, we make it simple to get started with treatment.

Online Assessment
Help your licensed clinician understand your alcohol use, treatment goals, and medical history by answering some questions. This will inform your treatment plan.
Treatment Plan
Start your personalized treatment. Get your prescription medication delivered to your door, conveniently and discreetly.
Ongoing Support
Your clinician will be here to answer your questions and adjust treatment if needed. Meanwhile, track your progress and get expert guidance on Oar’s companion app.

What to expect

Naltrexone is safe and effective, but changing your relationship with alcohol takes time. While it starts working right away, clinical experts recommend continuing naltrexone treatment for at least one year.

Short Term

Naltrexone cools off the immediate pleasure felt from drinking. In the first weeks, you may experience fewer cravings and find yourself drinking less.

Long Term

Over weeks and months of consistent use, naltrexone "rewires" the brain, breaking down the pleasure and reward pathways responsible for excessive drinking and loosening alcohol's grip on the brain.

"I would recommend Oar to anyone who is struggling with alcohol."
- Oar Customer
"This medication is a lifesaver. The customer service is awesome. I love that I was able to confidentially get help."
- Oar Customer
"Oar has helped me so much that it is indescribable."
- Oar Customer
You don't need to hit rock bottom for things to start getting better.
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